Scalp Mask Duo

Unmask your hair’s true beauty

Who doesn’t love a good sheet mask to restore stressed and dull looking skin? Now your scalp can get in on the action with the deeply replenishing properties of the Prickly Pear Oil in our Scalp Mask, which best mimics the natural oils in our skin. The mask also works to repair and slow the ageing process of the scalp by reducing inflammation caused by chemical hair processing. The hair is treated from the root, where growth begins, ensuring each strand is given its best chance to thrive and shine effortlessly… For beautiful, bare-it-all hair.

2 x 20 ml


How to use:

Apply Scalp Mask to towel dried scalp, and gently massage into parted sections of scalp. Leave on for 20 mins (or even overnight) before rinsing, then follow with Shampoo & Conditioner. Ideally, repeat every 2 weeks (or weekly for drier scalps).


  • Replenishing
  • Anti-ageing
  • Soothing
  • Intensely Conditioning

Key Ingredients:

Prickly Pear Oil
Best mimics our skin oils; it intensively nourishes, moisturises and repairs the skin, slows scalp and skin ageing processes, and reduces inflammation. Rapidly absorbed deep into the skin.

Earth Smoke plant
Protects and soothes the scalp. Calms irritation and itching induced by chemical hair treatments. PATENTED

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