“What haven’t we done for our skin? We cleanse, tone, moisturise and mask… We exfoliate and extract, spend time with the facialist, the dermatologist… Isn’t it time we paid attention to our scalp and hair, which are – let’s face it – a little neglected by comparison?”

Following the successful sale of the company he founded, BECCA Cosmetics, to Estee Lauder in 2016, duo Steven Schapera and Defaf Alamri have been working on an exciting new concept : LONDON LABS. SKINCARE FOR HAIR.

Drawing on Steven’s 20+ years in the global beauty business and leveraging her background in both pharmaceutical science and the beauty industry, Creative Director Defaf Alamri’s vision has been to make the science cool and digestible….creating a curated line up that provides a modern wearable aesthetic. The pair have been joined by industry veteran Philippe Hostalery, (formerly Global President at TiGi) as COO and Partner.

After 5 years in gestation, the brand successfully merges skincare science with haircare and a definitive “no makeup look” for hair. Deriving the heavy-lifting ingredients from nature, then supercharging them in the lab has resulted in 14 must-haves with a potency rarely seen outside a dermatologists surgery. Put simply, we took the best of skincare science and reworked it for hair.

The range pivots on the oil of the Prickly Pear fruit – a potent dry oil, grown exclusively for London Labs on the high grassland plains of South Africa. It nourishes and replenishes unlike any other beauty oil thanks to high levels of linoleic acid, which most closely resembles the fatty acids of our own skin.

The end result?  Four haircare categories that aim to simplify haircare, providing an effortless daily regime that delivers second-day hair from day one.