AHA Peel & Scalp Mask Duo

Begin with the skin

In the same way that skin can’t glow if it’s overly congested, hair also suffers from dullness when the scalp is loaded with excess sebum and dead skin cells. This peel is the ultimate scalp treatment, working to gently exfoliate with a sugar-cane derived AHA, stimulating cell renewal and restoring hair’s radiance via the scalp. By treating hair at the root, where growth begins, each strand is given its best chance to shine effortlessly with a scalp that’s clear and congestion-free… Time to take your glow to rehab?

2 x 20 ml


How to use:

Apply the AHA Peel to a freshly shampooed scalp, which should be dry or damp (not wet). Apply to parted hair, section by section, covering the entire scalp. Leave to work for 10-15 mins then wash off.
Whilst your scalp may feel tingly, if at any time you feel a burning sensation or discomfort occurs, wash off immediately. Keep away from eyes.


  • Resurfacing
  • Restorative
  • Exfoliating
  • Stimulates Cell Renewal

Key Ingredients:

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Sugar Cane) exfoliates dead skin cells, breaks down the sebum plaque, exposing new skin.

Hydrolysed Lupine (Sweet White Lupin) a protein clinically shown to control the hair cycle, reactivating micro-circulation and stimulating cell metabolism. PATENTED

Hydrolysed Prickly Pear Flower Extract stimulates the activity of skin enzymes involved in the natural exfoliation process, favouring cell renewal. PATENTED

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