Modern Mousse

Make more mass, the modern way

Forget the crunchy mousse of the past; our very Modern version provides volume and hold with a lightweight, movable – and totally touchable – finish. Working to ‘plump up’ and prime your hair like peptides do for skin, the mousse acts to densify the strands without weighing them down, adding effortless definition and shape. Containing naturally-derived ingredients extracted from corn starch and wheat protein, the product works to reduce frizz while adding hold – all without dulling your hair’s shine. Heat-activated, Modern Mousse helps create the illusion of more hair making it the ideal building block for naturally contoured, full-bodied styles with a barely-there feel… The perfectly done ‘undone look’ for hair.

100 ml


How to use:

Shake up the bubbles and work the foam into the hair.


  • Modern barely-there formula, for undone definition and shape.
  • Lift, fullness and body while maintaining a natural, modern look.

Key Ingredients:

Contains naturally derived ingredients extracted from corn starch & wheat protein to reduce frizz, hold without dulling or altering the feel of the hair.

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